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Location des scooters 125cc


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In cooperation with our professional partner of the "Honda Motor Center Westhoek" we can now offer renatl scooters for our guests.

In our opinion it is definitely recommended to explore the region this way.

You will be surprised by the large contrast in scenery and smells in such a small distance. The salty sea air, the flowering fields and the "healthy" air of the agricultural fields in the area.

The scooters are equipped with a preprogrammed GPS-device so you can choose between various preselected routes in the neighbourhood and around the border of the northern France ..

When picking up the scooter you'll get a helmet customized with integrated sunshade + windshield. Simultaniously, the necessary explanations on the different routes, the operation of the scooter + the GPS unit and intercom ...

The scooters have a top box and a space under the seat where you can store your personal belongings.

Conditions for renting a scooter 125cc:

The driver is at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid driving license.

This may be the car driving license if this is owned more than 2 years.

Deposit-fee 300€.

At the start of the lease the driverslicense and the ID-card of the driver must be overhanded for taking a photocopy.

Since September 1, 2011 it is mandatory in the belgium traffic law to wear a coat, long pants and gloves while driving any motor.

Prices for scooter renting in 2012

If you book the scooter during your stay with us, the day-rate for a scooter is 95 € , or 85 € for a duo-scooter.

To reserve a scooter for 2 days the total amount becomes 160 € and 180€.

See our packages for promodeal- combinations of staying in our B & B with the use of a rental scooter.


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