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seals at the beach

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since a few years you have the oppurtunity to spot wild seals with us in koksijde on the beach. They have found their spot on the wavebreaker on the location called "ster der zee" (translation: star of the sea).

Usually they are present in the afternoon if the tide is high. With exception of the summermonths when they go breeding in the open sea.

zeehond noordzee belgie op de golfbrekere aan ster der zee in stidesbald kosijde

This map shows you how to get there from B&B Beachhouse. 

wegbeschrijving van bb beachhouse naar de zeehondjes op de locatie ster der zee in stidesbaldus koksijde belgie

We can show you a nice walking trail starting from us through the nature reservate "de doornpanne" to the seals. Afterword you can return to us over the beach.

If you wish to visit the seals by foot over the beach? you can orientate this place the best on the artwork "ACQUA SCIVOLO" herunder on the walking promenade.

The wavebreaker where the seals are, are almmost in the front of this.

Hernder a few pics of the seals (double click on the images to enlarge)

seal, wavebreaker, st idesbald
2, seals, at, sea
seal, resting, at, beach
young seal
seal, wavebreaker ster, der, zee