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mit dem bus nach B&B Beachhouse

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The easiest way to arrive at our b&b beachhouse with the public transport or to travel around from here is with the buscompany "De Lijn".

The nearest busstop is called "westhinderstraat" and is only 500m located from us.

 This buslines have direct connections to the trainstations of Koksijde, Oostende and Veurne. also the citys nieuwpoort-stad, St-idesbald, middelkerke.

plannetje bushalte westhinder naar b&b beachhouse

Click here for a printable map with timetables.

For the most recent timetables see the site of "de lijn":>>> line 68 &69 (click here)


busstop, westhinderstraat
busstop, westhinderstraat
timetable, line 68
timetable, lijn 69
sign, busstop, westhinderstraat